Steps to Print with Wi-Fi

Steps to Print with Wi-Fi

Steps to Print with Wi-Fi Direct method for Chromebook

Here are the few steps to print with Wi-Fi , Ahead of using the following the various instructions given below, you have to send a print job with the help of direct wireless connectivity in between your printer and the Chromebook.

  • 1. Ensure that you have fully loaded the paper sheets in the main tray of your printer before opening the power supply.

  • 2. In case there is a requirement of yours to print web content, like mail formats, cloud-based text files, or any other item, then you have to proceed with the further steps.

  • 3. On your PC, Tap on the Wi-Fi icon, and then you will have to choose the option starting with Direct and includes your printer’s name.

  • 4. In case you encounter any on-screen inquiry, type the Wi-Fi Direct password, and then tap on the Connect button.

  • 5. Go back to the main menu options, and then tap the cursor on the Settings button.

  • 6. Then, scroll down to the bottom section of the screen, and then tap the cursor on the Advanced button.

  • 7. Next, you have to choose your printer from the list and then tap on the Add button.

  • 8. Now, select the item to print, tap on the Chrome browser settings icon, and after that, choose the Print.

  • 9. Choose your printer and then tap on Print.

  • 10. In the end, the print job finishes, launch your Wi-Fi connection options and then make an attempt for the reconnection to your local network.

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