HP Printer Setup on Windows

HP Printer Setup
Hp printer setup on Windows – learn how?

Hp printer setup on Windows – When you set up your 123.HP.com/setup printer with HP recommended software on your computer, the print driver is installed and you can access the features that the printer supports. When you print documents, photos, and web pages. You can use this print driver to change color, paper, quality settings, and more.

After opening the HP printer setup by windows print driver, see the instructions in this document to see or change the configuration location.

Steps to setup HP Printer on Windows :-

Open the print settings window

Learn how to launch the HP Print Driver window from a general-purpose Windows application and navigate to different tabs and menus.

  1. On your computer, open the document or photo , click the File or menu icon, and then click Print .
    The Print or Print Photo window or pane opens, displaying general settings for the print job, including a menu for selecting the printer to use for printing.

  2. From the main print window or pane, open Document Properties or Print Settings to access the 123.hp.com/setup print driver settings. The name of the button or link depends on the application performing the print.

    • Word Microsoft : [Printer Properties] to click

    • Paint and WordPad : [Basic] Click the

    • Windows Photo Viewer : the bottom right of the screen [options] and click, in the print settings window [Printer Properties] to click

    • PDF Reader Adobe : [Properties] to click

  3. To see different settings, click the tab at the top of the window. Click the Advanced button to access other settings. This button is usually on the Layout tab.

  4. If you see the Print Shortcuts tab, you can click this tab to use shortcuts that already have preferences that correspond to common print job types.


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