How to Print from iPhone to HP Printer?

Print from iPhone to HP Printer

Do you want to know how you can print a document using your HP printer by connecting it to an iOS smartphone? If yes, then you have landed on the right page as here we have everything that you need to know regarding how to print from an iPhone by connecting it to your HP printer.

One of the ways to print using iPhone is to use the Apple AirPrint facility. It is an inbuilt solution made available particularly for the purpose of wireless printing. So, in order to print from an iPhone by connecting it to the HP printer,

Below Mentioned are the Steps that You are Required to Follow TO Print from iPhone to HP Printer:

Method 1 : Print from your Apple device – AirPrint

Use the AirPrint facility for printing webpages, phits, documents.

Step 1 : Please ensure that you printer is powered on. Also, make sure that the plain sheets are loaded in the main tray.

Step 2 : Now, select the item that you wish to print and then select the icon that you wish to share.

Step 3 : Select print or click on the icon of print for opening up the Options of printer.

Step 4 : Click on the option of Select Printer for selecting your printer.

Step 5 : After that, you need to make changes in the print job settings given below. The settings that you are going to change may vary depending on the app that you are using for printing the documents,

The type of job that you are printing and the printer device.

  • Paper Range: Choose particular pages in a webpage or document that you wish to print.
  • Double-Sided Printing: Print on each side of the paper for some particular type of files.
  • Number of Copies: Choose the number of copies that you wish to print.
  • Black and White: Choose Grayscale printing and then you will see the option of color printers.

So, these are the steps that you need to follow in order to print from iPhone to HP printer.

Method 2 : Setting up the Internet Connection

To be able to connect your printer to the Apple device wirelessly, these are the steps that you need to follow.

Step 1 : The very first thing that you need to do is to take your iOS smartphone and check if the Wi-Fi network is turned on. After that, you need to see if there is a mark right after the name Wireless Network. In case your device is connected to some other network, then tap on the name of your network to join it.

Step 2 : After that, you are required to check the connectivity of your printer to the wireless network.

a) Printers that have a touchscreen control panel: Select the icon of wireless. Alternately, you can go to setup menu or network settings to check the network connection status.

b) Printers that do not have a touchscreen control panel: Press the buttons of information and wireless simultaneously. Alternatively, press the button of Start Copy Black and Wireless simultaneously. A test report will get printed, which will display the status of network connection.

Print from iPhone to HP Printer

Step 3 : Then, if your printer is connected to the wireless network, then you can skip the step of connecting your printer to the network. In case your printer device is not connected to the wireless network, proceed with the steps given below.

Step 4 : Connect your printer device to the wireless network.

Printers that have touch screen control panels: On your printer device, launch the wireless menu or setup network. Choose the option of Wireless Setup Wizard and then carry out the directions for connecting your device to the wireless network.

Printers which do not have touch screen control panels: Press the button of Wireless and press the Cancel button simultaneously and keep on pressing it till you see the power light flashing. After that, wait for sometime and then you will see wireless light flashing before you.

If you are a user of Tango printer, then press the button of printer that is located on the side of the printer for a few seconds and then press the corner light to flash blue.

Press the WPS button for 2 hours and then the connection process will start taking place. Once the connection is established, the wireless light will stop blinking. And you can print from iphone to HP printer.

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