HP Officejet 4650 Printer – Get the Information Before You Purchase

HP Officejet 4650 Printer

HP Officejet 4650 Printer – Get the Information Before You Purchase

The HP 4650 Officejet printer is a great across the board printer that will spare you time, since it can print, output, fax and duplicate all from a solitary machine. I can recollect the fax machine and sweep machines were separate units and kid did they take up a ton of room.

You would now be able to do every one of these undertakings and duplicate numerous pages consequently, and not just that it’s likewise conceivable you may not have the HP 4650 printer in an indistinguishable room from your work area or workstation. On the off chance that you buy the remote model, once introduced it can be put anyplace inside the home office without the should be associated with links.

Starting now and into the foreseeable future, there is no need isolate printers for every one of your work areas or workstations in light of the fact that with the HP OfficeJet 4650 remote printer you can interface various PCs and PCs to your printer.

No more requirement for the messiness of links around your work region, a remote printer wipes out this issue. Everybody in the home would now be able to print, fax or output from the one printer.


HP Officejet 4650 Printer

The ink cartridge

Finally, somebody has thought of the immense thought of having a similar number for both ink cartridges. You now simply need to recollect one number and afterwards request either the shading cartridge or the dark ink cartridge.

This presently takes away the issue of attempting to recollect two unique numbers. One of the principle things I generally do with my across the board is to ensure that I have reinforcement cartridges for when I’m running low on ink. There is nothing more regrettable than coming up short on ink and after that waiting for substitutions.

The HP 4650 is a phenomenal economical across the board printer

Spare cash presently by having an across the board printer that will do all your printing for you. It’s difficult to be without this machine due to its modest cost. It can be kept on vitality mode and will startup when it is sent a print order.

There is no compelling reason to keep the HP Officejet 4650 exchanged on consistently. This printer can save money on vitality by exchanging it on vitality mode. The printer would then be able to be kept on vitality mode until the point that it is required and will wake itself up when it is sent a print order.

The great focuses

The cost since this printer is a cheap across the board printer.

It’s quick speed and great print quality.

It can spare time in a bustling office since it can multitask i.e. print, output, duplicate and fax from the one printer.

Awful focuses

The HP 4650 needs programmed two-sided printing.

It doesn’t have a memory card opening.

The paper feed plate stands out from the front a bit.

Who might profit by having this HP 4650 printer?

Individuals who are maintaining a private venture from their home.

Somebody who needs to print from in excess of one work area or workstation.

Somebody who is searching for a vitality sparing printer.

I trust that the great purposes of the HP 4650 printer far exceed the terrible focuses.

This printer with its cost-sparing capacity and modest cost and be an awesome advantage for anybody maintaining an independent company or somebody who needs a decent across the board Officejet printer.

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Why is My HP Printer Printing Blank Pages?

Hp Printer Printing Blank

Fix HP Printer Printing Blank Pages:

When you are taking printouts from your printer and the papers that received an output does not contain any black or color ink. This issue can be easily resolved. It is highly recommended that use the original.

You may also extract your black cartridge and take only the tri-color printer cartridge. You can also check any empty or defective cartridge and change it. Before, replacing the older cartridges with new one and print head is to be cleaned properly.

To Fix this “HP Printer Printing Blank Pages” Issue, Follow the Guidelines Given Below:


Solution: Using the Original HP Cartridges

HP has suggested that you use original HP ink and other provides for the printing. HP will not the guarantee for the refilled cartridges or the non-HP products. You can buy the HP cartridges online or from the HP retailers.

Solution 1: Use Genuine HP Cartridges

HP suggests that you use right HP ink or toner supplies. HP cannot give you the guarantee of the quality or reliability of non HP or reload the cartridges.

If you do not use real HP cartridges, steps might not fix  hp printer printing blank pages issue.


Solution 2: Check the Expected Ink Levels, and then Change any Low or Empty Cartridges

Follow the given below steps to check ink levels, and then replace any low or empty cartridges.

Step 1: Checking the Expectations of the Ink Level in the Printer

  • Place the plain colorless paper in the paper tray.
  • Press the button next to Setup icon in the control panel.
  • Open the Tools option and press OK.
  • Select the Estimated Ink Levels and press OK.

Solution 3: Use Programmed Tool to Clean the Printhead

  • In case, you have printing issues, the Printhead could be jammed. Follow these steps to perform an automated tool to clean the Printhead.
  • Put plain white paper in the input tray.
  • Check the print quality on the Printhead test page. In case, the print quality is remain unacceptable, follow the instructions to perform a Second-level clean. You may need to clean Printhead several times to restore optimal print quality.

Step 2: Changing the Cartridges

  • Replace the old cartridges with the new HP cartridges.
  • Begin the additional process after your printer is silent & idle.
  • Take out the cartridge from the printer via opening the cartridge door.
  • Contacts and nozzles are not to be disturbed.
  • Plastic tape is to be removed.
  • Place the cartridges in the printer.
  • Put the plain colorless paper in the input paper tray.
  • Switch on the HP printer through pushing the power button.

Step 3: Aligning the Printer

  • Switch on the printer when you are loading the papers for printing.
  • Press the button next to the Setup icon in the Control Panel.
  • Go to the Tools section and press OK.
  • Select the Align Printer option and press OK.
  • Now, the printer will print the alignment page.
  • Lift up the lid of your HP printer.
  • You will now have to go on with the printed section down. It should be placed on the right-front corner of your scanner glass.

Solution 4 : Determine and then Change the Problem Cartridge

In case, clearing the Printhead did not fix the hp printer printing blank pages issue, follow these steps to determine and change the problem cartridge.

Solution 5: Service the Printer

Service or change your HP product if the issue remains after finished all the previous steps. Get in touch with HP customer support to schedule a product repair or replacement. To verify your warranty status, visit the HP product warranty check.

Workaround: Print in Backup Mode

  • In case, you want to print instantly and the quality of the printouts is not a concern, you can print in backup mode.
  • If you don’t have an exchange cartridge, you can still print in ink backup mode. Just take off the problem cartridge, and print with the remaining cartridge.
  • In case you remove the tri-color cartridge, printouts will be in grayscale.
  • In case you remove the black or photo cartridge, the product prints slowly and the colors in the printouts might differ.

How do I Get My HP Printer Back Online?

HP Printer Back Online

HP provides a variety of high quality printers to its customers. HP printer devices have a number of amazing features. Like every other device, this printer machine also comes across technical issues. One of the most common issues associated with your HP printer that does not let you complete printing tasks is HP printer offline issue.

But there is nothing for you to be apprehensive about as here we are available with a solution using which you can get HP printer back online. Nonetheless, issues related to HP printer can get fixed very easily but it is recommended for a user to keep their device in the best possible condition.

Methode to Get HP Printer Back Offline?

There are numerous reasons that can cause this error to occur. Mentioned below are the steps that you can apply to bring HP printer back online.

First of all, you need to turn on your laptop or computer system which is connected to the laptop. There is no need to turn on the printer in this step.

First of all, go to the start menu and then choose the option of Drivers and Printers.

Click on the icon of HP printer from the list appearing before you.

You will be able to see the offline status. Select offline and then click on the printer option.

After that, deselect the use printer offline option.

So, these are the steps that you are required to follow in order to get your HP printer back online. You can easily resolve this issue by following the steps stated above. But what if the same error appears again?

Mentioned Below are the Steps that You can Carry Out in Order to Fix the Problem of Printer Says Offline.

Step 1: Restart your printer device. Turn off your printer machine and then turn it back on again. Let it remain off for a few minutes so that you can restart it properly.

Step 2: Network connection plays a significant role in such cases. So, please ensure that your device is properly connected to your printer. The light at the back of the printer displays the status of connectivity. Make sure that the light is green.

Step 3: Please ensure that the account you are using for your computer has Manage Printer rights.

Step 4: Go to the main website of HP and download the latest printer drivers.

Other Than the Above-Mentioned Solutions, One can Get Rid of Printer Offline Issues That are Not Letting You Connect to Your Device.

Step 1: Use the inbuilt troubleshooter in your computer system. In order to use the troubleshooter all you have to do is to enter troubleshooter in the search box and then go to the main Window and select troubleshooting.

Step 2: Go to the option of Hardware and Sound and then choose “Use a printer”.

Step 3: After that, carry out the commands and fix the issues that can cause the printer error to occur.


If applying troubleshooting solutions is not giving you any fruitful results, then you are left with one last option of connecting HP professionals by giving them a call on HP printer customer support number. The specialists will hear you out and provide you instant solutions to fix the problem that you are dealing with.

Here you will get to know the cause of your problem and a guaranteed solution. The great thing is that you will not have to go to the service center to acquire assistance.


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Steps to Print with Wi-Fi

Steps to Print with Wi-Fi

Steps to Print with Wi-Fi Direct method for Chromebook

Here are the few steps to print with Wi-Fi , Ahead of using the following the various instructions given below, you have to send a print job with the help of direct wireless connectivity in between your printer and the Chromebook.

  • 1. Ensure that you have fully loaded the paper sheets in the main tray of your printer before opening the power supply.

  • 2. In case there is a requirement of yours to print web content, like mail formats, cloud-based text files, or any other item, then you have to proceed with the further steps.

  • 3. On your PC, Tap on the Wi-Fi icon, and then you will have to choose the option starting with Direct and includes your printer’s name.

  • 4. In case you encounter any on-screen inquiry, type the Wi-Fi Direct password, and then tap on the Connect button.

  • 5. Go back to the main menu options, and then tap the cursor on the Settings button.

  • 6. Then, scroll down to the bottom section of the screen, and then tap the cursor on the Advanced button.

  • 7. Next, you have to choose your printer from the list and then tap on the Add button.

  • 8. Now, select the item to print, tap on the Chrome browser settings icon, and after that, choose the Print.

  • 9. Choose your printer and then tap on Print.

  • 10. In the end, the print job finishes, launch your Wi-Fi connection options and then make an attempt for the reconnection to your local network.

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